NOW is a great time to go through your wardrobe #NOWorganise

  • Donate/sell clothing you haven't worn in the last year; If you didn't wear it last year, chances are you won't wear it next year. This includes guilt items... ok, so you paid too much for it; get rid of the item and get rid of the guilt.

  • Sentimental items that don’t fit or you no longer wear. This includes wedding dresses. You have plenty of photos so let it go and make someone else’s special day special.

  • Donate footwear that doesn’t fit, hurts or gives you a blister.

  • Get rid of anything you have to squeeze into or is much too big and baggy. This includes badly fitting underwear.

  • Ditch items with holes or rips or stains. Cotton items such as tee-shirts and socks can always be recycled into dusters!

  • If you have clothes that need mending put in a bag and take to the tailor.

  • Create space so you can see your clothing. If one clothes rod isn't enough install a second one, but make sure you leave hanging space for longer items.

For more help and advice contact Marquiss Home Management for a free 30 minute initial phone consultation.

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