Back to School Tips for a more organised morning..

Back to School..

Use school organisers to help create a checklist of what children need to take to school each day.

  • Lunch money/voucher

  • Homework/project materials

  • Gym kit

  • Library books

  • Musical instruments

  • Permission slips

  • After-school club kit/instruments/money

  • Special event items

Spend a few minutes each evening checking the list and put all the items by the door so they are ready to grab and leave.

Make packed lunches the night before. Or even make a week’s worth in one batch – freeze sandwiches in separate freezer bags and label with the filling – peanut butter/deli meats/tuna. Remove sandwiches in the morning; they will defrost by lunchtime. Prepare little bags of salad to add to the defrosted sandwiches. (Mayonnaise and Jam do not freeze well).

Select outfits/uniforms the night before and hang on a single hanger in the wardrobe or lay out on a chair so they are not searching for clothes in the morning.

Layout the breakfast table before going to bed (kids can help) with breakfast cereals, bowls, glasses and cutlery. Put water in the coffeemaker and coffee in the filter. Breakfasts will be so much calmer; all you have to do is to switch on the kettle/ coffee machine and take milk, juice, water out of the fridge.

For further help with a more organised home contact a Professional Organiser such as Marquiss Home Management.

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