Help kids learn the art of decluttering

Holidays off from school are a great time to declutter with kids. Instead of spending money on more stuff they don't need, spend a morning with them sorting out their toys, games or clothes.

It is quite demanding so keep sessions short and fun with a snack break in the middle. Plan a car boot sale. Take them along and let them have the money they make from selling their toys: this gives them an incentive to do it again.

Let them enjoy the money they raised, give them choices on how to spend it such as a day at a theme park or trying a new activity such as a horse riding lesson or ice skating. Discourage them from spending it on more "stuff".

Everyone will benefit from the reduced clutter. Encourage them to look after their remaining toys and to put them away at the end of the day. And the unsold stuff?? Take straight to the charity shop so they can benefit the charity and another child. Win win.

Need help sorting out your clutter then contact Marquiss Home Managment.

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