Overwhelmed by clutter? Don't know where to start? Call a professional organiser or try it by yourself with a manageable area such as footwear. Allow a minimum of two hours depending on how much footwear you have and remember to take donations to charity straight away: don't let them become more clutter. Go round and gather ALL footwear and put similar styles together such as shoes, boots, sandals, pu

mps, wellies. Start with the largest pile and throw out everything that is tatty and worn-out. Donate/sell ill fitting painful footwear. Sort the rest into colours and be brutal.. how many pairs of black ballerina pumps do you really need. Only keep the ones you love, feel great wearing and are comfortable (no more blisters). Repeat with each pile until you have in front of you only footwear which "spark joy". Lastly and most importantly, find suitable adequate storage: wardrobe, cupboard or plastic box under the bed, the choice is yours but make it easily accessible so you are encouraged to keep footwear tidy. Now for the best bit.. Enjoy stepping out in your shoes not over them!

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